Юрист Muradov Nijat Namig oglu

Qualified legal services from a modern lawyer. Quality, individual approach and non-standard solutions to issues are my professional features.

Юрист Muradov Nijat Namig oglu

Qualified legal services from a modern lawyer. Quality, individual approach and non-standard solutions to issues are my professional features.

About me

How can I be of service

A qualified lawyer specializing in various areas of law, such as corporate law, tax law, civil law, labor law, intellectual property, judicial defense and others.

My services

Key practices

Is your case category not on the list? Let's get in touch to find out if I work with such cases.
  • Land and property disputes
  • Land and property disputesFamily and inheritance disputes
  • Administrative disputes
  • Cases on administrative offenses
  • Arbitration disputes
  • Housing disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Labor disputes


My work is to achieve Your

Номер дела: 02-1091/2022

Refusal of unnecessary services and compensation

Итог: a total of 105,000 rubles was awarded to the client for the contract, 40,000 rubles for moral damages, penalties, and legal expenses.
Номер дела: 02-2816/2022

6 months unable to accept inheritance

Итог: the court recognized the relationship between the Plaintiff and the testator, and the right to ownership of the apartment was transferred to the Plaintiff.
Номер дела: 02-2505/22

Need to recover damages after a traffic accident

Итог: the Plaintiff received 198,204 rubles for compensation for damages, 2,000 rubles for losses, 8,600 rubles for expert examination expenses, as well as state duties and legal expenses.
Номер дела: 02-3092/2022

Not hired due to errors in the diploma

Итог: 250,000 rubles were awarded for the time the Plaintiff did not work due to dismissal. Moral damages of 100,000 rubles were awarded. The Plaintiff was reinstated in employment.
Номер дела: Resolved before filing a lawsuit

Involved in a traffic accident. Damage - 400,000 rubles

Итог: compensation for damages in the amount of 400,000 rubles within 14 days from the moment of the traffic accident.

Our way

Request a consultation
At this stage, we agree on the format of the consultation and conduct it at a convenient time for both of us.
Analysis of the case, proposal of ways to solve the problem.
As a result of the consultation, you get options for resolving the issue and achieving results. This is an important part of the stage, as the primary analysis of documents and the situation as a whole takes place. This allows you to build a further path for the development of events.
Conclusion of an agreement for the provision of legal services.
After choosing a way to resolve the issue, we conclude an agreement on the provision of legal services. The contract specifies guarantees both for you and for me - the subject of the contract, our obligations, responsibilities and payment procedure.
Formation of a legal position.
After the conclusion of the contract, a full analysis of judicial practice, documentation and legislation takes place. This stage differs from the consultation in that it is unlimited in time, and I, as a lawyer, have the opportunity to devote much more time to reviewing the case. As a result, I send the final solutions to the problem, describe the advantages and disadvantages. After that, we determine the legal position and proceed to the next stage.
Prepairing of claims, statements of claim, complaints, contracts. Sending them to a court.
After the formation of a legal position, I proceed to the preparation of documents for the trial. Here I include the preparation of a claim, a statement of claim, the collection of documents. After preparing the documents, I send them to you for review. As soon as you say that everything is fine, I send the documents to the other party to the dispute and to the court.
Initiating Legal Proceedings. Participation in the trial
The court then registers the claim and schedules court hearings. If we have agreed that the subject of our contract is the representation of your interests in court, then I fully participate in court hearings - I attend them, protect your interests, record court hearings so that you can familiarize yourself with them, and collect additional evidence in our favor. In short, I will fully protect your interests.
Pronouncement of court decision.
This stage is the completion of participation in the court. The decision has been made and can be implemented.
Execution of a court decision, recovery of what has been awarded.
If we have come to an agreement that I will bring the case to the actual execution, that is, I will participate in enforcement proceedings, then I will continue to implement the decision. This stage includes obtaining a court decision in hand, sending it to bailiffs, searching for the debtor's property and other measures to obtain the subject of the dispute.


Let's contact today and get professional legal assistance

Detailed consultation

+1000 rub.
  • Detailed analysis of the situation;
  • Consultation lasts up to 1 hour;
  • Suggestion of possible ways to resolve the issue;
  • Estimation of winning chances;
  • The consultation is conducted online in oral or written format (at your discretion);
  • We select a convenient time for you;

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10% discount
  • 10% discount on next visit;
  • The discount does not expire;
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Sign up for a consultation

The consultation is paid - it costs from 1000 rubles, lasts 1 hour, saves a lot of time, nerves and money

During the consultation, we will analyze your situation in detail. I will tell you what are the chances to win and what are the risks. I will give a step-by-step plan for independent actions: what documents to collect, where to carry and what to say.

There is a cashback

If after the consultation you contact me for services, then you will receive a discount on services in the amount of the cost of the consultation, but not more than 1500 rubles. This way you can save on the cost of the consultation.

Why do other lawyers have free consultations, and you have to pay?

Usually the goal of "free" consultations is to sell basic services, even if there is no chance of winning. The purpose of my consultations is to help you understand the situation, save you from hopeless litigation and give a step-by-step plan for solving the problem on your own.
Where does the consultation take place?

Online - Whatsapp, Telegram, Zoom. In any office closest to you, which I rent especially for our meeting.